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Amy Toliver

Amy Toliver

Amy’s NFL cheerleading background began with the Arizona Cardinals in 2005 and lasted two seasons.  It was there where she not only met her two best friends, but also discovered her true admiration for our soldiers. Being a part of the Showteam enabled her to travel throughout the United States to various military bases. Through this experience she began to discover how much she desired to learn about our soldiers—who they are, their families, their triumphs, and what they go through each and every day.

During her last season cheering for the Cardinals, her Showteam was given the opportunity to go on an Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) tour, which allowed her to travel for two weeks to four different countries: Portugal, Egypt, Turkey and then finally, Italy.  It was one of the best experiences and incredible moments of her life. When she returned, she felt a need to continue offering support in some way.

Being a Sweetheart has provided her an opportunity to express her love and appreciation for those brave soldiers each and every day.  Her calendar is just one way she has helped bring a touch of home to our traveling soldiers.  She hopes you all enjoy them and she encourages you to help us get the word out. Remember every little bit helps! If we all work together, we can truly help make their time over there easier.