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Andy Lo Russo


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Andy Lo Russo“The Singing Chef” -- is a best-selling author and cooking icon, thanks to the success and ongoing popularity of his timeless book, Sing and Cook Italian, and his unique cooking cabaret shows. From an early age, Andy has had a combined intrinsic sense of both music and food. Growing up in New Jersey, he was extremely close with his large Sicilian family and recalls being in the kitchen as a child and watching his grandmother Grace cook. As soon as he was tall enough to reach the table, Andy was cooking meals for himself.


At the age of 22, Andy signed with Epic Records and recorded several popular jazz standards. He later moved to California where he studied with world renowned vocal coach, Giovanna d’Onofrio. Under Giovanna’s tutelage, Andy studied all of the arias and love songs of the great Italian composers. In 1991, Andy stumbled upon a way to combine his passion for music and food by cooking his family’s best recipes to classic, beautiful love songs. Thus, “The Singing Chef” was officially born!


These days, “The Singing Chef” spends more time on the road than at home as a sought-after featured performer at state and county Fairs, Italian festivals, home & garden shows, and related trade shows, as well as casino’s and resorts around the world. In addition, for his more savory fans, Andy caters “Sing & Cook” lunch and dinner shows for a steady stream of tour groups at high-profile restaurants across the country. His talents have been showcased by numerous national and international media outlets including, The Food Network, Donny & Marie, and numerous local morning TV shows, among many others.


Despite the fact that Andy has a penchant for authentic old-fashioned cuisine, he has managed to modernize his act by recently launching a new CD entitled, Cooking Cabaret: An International Cooking Musical. The musical will soon be making its theatrical debut at performing arts centers and theaters all over the United States and Canada. Andy is also in the process of producing a TV pilot that will involve reuniting families of all types by creating original family recipes, and singing and cooking together.