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C.G. Ryche

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C.G. Ryche is considered to be one of the most unique and innovative Artists in the world today.  As a Musician he has been called "A Visionary Composer" and as a drummer "The New Breed of Percussionists".  C.G. has earned International Notoriety for his Ground-Breaking Performances & Dazzling Showmanship from National Tours in front of Millions of Fans to some of Today's Top Drum Festivals.  G.G. Writes, Arranges & Produces all of his CD's as well as doing all the artwork for his projects.  C.G. Ryche's concert DVD "Echoes of Silence" was called "A Must See for the whole Family" by PBS and "A Stomp on Steroids" by Erthbound Entertainment and is currently airing Nationwide on Public Television, with a National Tour set for late 2009.  Ryche's live performances introduces people of all ages to the beauty of percussion from around the world, from Japanese, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, African & American drumming set to a larger than life stage.  Topped with a World-Class Band and some of the Top Percussionists, C.G. has also integrated "State-of-the-Art" film making with partner and "Hollywood Heavyweight" John H. Radulovic to his live shows to create a world that pushes the boundaries of Sight, Sound and Imagination.  His concerts also work to help the underprivileged children & kids with disabilities to put smiles on their faces and to believe their dreams.  C.G. also works with Remo Inc.. to encourage recreational drumming before every concert.


C.G. has Performed & Choreographed percussion for companies including, The NFL, Disney, John Wayne Cancer Society, Nike, Pixar, The 2008 Asian Awards, Hollywood Pictures, Ace Events, Major MMA Events & PBS.  Ryche has been Music Director for many Artists such as Georganne Gould - "Portraits of Voice" and Benise - "Nights of Fire" & "Spanish Nights".  Combined with his many other talents, Producing, Composing, Graphics, Film Making, & Engineering it's easy to say C.G. Ryche is taking drumming to a whole new frontier and is a forerunner for many to follows.