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Since 1984 Cirque USA has been the largest provider of world class cirque shows and performers for meeting planners, casinos, cruise ships, theaters and celebrity events.  With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas and Denver, we are uniquely positioned and able to provide entire customized shows or various single acts according to our clients’ needs and preferences throughout the country as well as internationally if the need arises. Our offices are staffed with seasoned professionals, some having been past performers themselves, with many years’ experience in the entertainment industry in both the production as well as the performance side.  Be it a product launch that needs a unique and original introduction,  a sales boosting convention or just a way to reward and entertain employees, we understand, anticipate and can fulfill the needs of our clients both on a large or small scale, working closely with the client from concept to final delivery to ensure overall success.

Our shows are visually stunning, original and creative, portrayed through rich imagery and wonderfully unexpected performances that reveal our performers’ incredible stamina and precision while making it all look amazingly effortless. Cleverly planned and choreographed, our shows consist of a wide range of contemporary dance styles strongly influenced by modern and aerial dance, acrobatics and cirque arts, boldly blending physical and emotional energies to change how the audience views and experiences movement. Our incredible cast of talent consists of top notch dancers, world-class cirque performers and world champion gymnasts. Using trapeze, bungee, web, aerial silk, rings, lira and countless other breathtaking ways to suspend themselves in mid-air, our multi-talented performers delight in transporting audiences into their invigorating world of aerial artistry, modern dance and dramatic theater. Technically precise and conceptually original, the ensemble performs pieces of passionate and emotionally charged movement with undeniable sophistication, grace, and touching vulnerability.

With over two decades of entertaining diverse audiences, Cirque USA has established an impressive catalog of clients. We have recently performed for R&B superstar Usher, Donald Trump, Bruce Springsteen, John Travolta and Michael Jackson and featured acts in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, the Oscars, as well as the 2003 & 2004 MTV Video Music Awards. Cirque USA has performed nationally and internationally at venues including Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Atlantis Hotel, Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, Madison Square Garden in New York City, as well as at numerous corporate events for Nike, AT&T, Microsoft, Sharp, Goodyear, Sony, Pfizer and Bristol Meyers in the U.S. as well as abroad. Professional management, flawless execution and endless imagination are what make Cirque USA today’s leader in the entertainment industry.