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E'CASANOVA has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years. In the top venues around the world, E'CASANOVA has thrilled thousands with his talent and abilities. In America, The French Polynesia, South America, Europe, and Asia, people have been amazed at his unbelievable salute to Michael Jackson entitled Hail To The King Of Pop.

E'CASANOVA is without question the worlds greatest Michael Jackson "Tribute Artist", not impersonator...say the experts in national and international reviews. He appeared as Michael Jackson's photo double in The *Who Is It* movie short and is the only Tribute Artist to be actually featured on camera. Currently he stars in an episode of Ashton Kutcher's PUNKD' on the MTV network, where he punks platinum recording artist Frankie J into believing that he is Michael Jackson.

On March 8 and 9 2007, he was invited to perform in Japan at a prestigious VIP party in honor of Michael Jackson. It was Michael Jackson's first time ever seeing him perform in his image in person. On October 25, 2003 at the Aladdin Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV, Cas requested and presented the Key to the city of Las Vegas to the King of Pop himself. In addition, Cas also requested and obtained a Proclamation from the Mayor of Las Vegas making October 25th the official Michael Jackson Day in Las Vegas!

In September 2001, Cas was approached by VH1 who followed him to New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles for a three-day documentary that includes live concert footage of his spectacular King of Pop tribute. Although he unconditionally admires Jackson and is a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 historian, he is a singer/songwriter, actor/producer in his own right.

Over the past years, the entertainment experience combined with the imaginative vision of E'CASANOVA has also enabled him to produce, choreograph and coordinate many production/concert shows including but not limited to:

*Legends in Concert- Las Vegas and Hawaii *3GT (Three Girl Tribute) *Bounce For Jesus *INTENSE *Improbable Fate (The King Of Rock meets- The King Of Pop)- South Carolina *Footwork-Seoul, Korea *Hail to the King Of Pop- Worldwide!

E'CASANOVA'S will and determination to produce the best possible "product" has resulted in countless hours in theaters, studios, and dance halls around the world.

There are many people who do not put forth the effort to achieve; this is not the case with E'CASANOVA. E'CASANOVA was the $10,000 grand prize winner of MGM Grands world wide Look-alike contest!