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Sprial Starecase

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The Spiral Starecase
, a quintet from Sacramento, CA., evolved from a band called the Fydallions, which formed in 1964. They were working in El Monte, CA., when Gary Usher, the Columbia A&R rep herd them and sighed them to the Columbia A&R rep heard them and sighed them to the Columbia label. It was at that time they chaged their name to the Sprial Starecase.

They came into national recognition a few years later when Pat Upton wrote the multi-million seller hit "I Love You MOre Today Than Yesterday" while working the Flamingo Sky Room in Las Vegas. Sonny Knight produced their first album that was released in 1969. The unambiguous optimism of the lyric and the janty bouce of the arrangement made this song the perfect opp classic of this era. It is now in the Columbia "Hall of Fame". Poor management led to the grops demise about 18 months later. Pat Upton, the lead singer, went back to l.A. where he eventually played guitar for Ricky Nelson. Harvey Kaye, the keyboard player, returned to Las Vegas where he re-formed the Starecase. They toured the US., Canada and Meico until the mid-80's when they returned to V egas, playing its finest hotels.

Harvey Kaye now has his own management company, while Mike Caschera heads the Starecase. This powerful unit will take you back to the exact note-for-note sounds of the 1970's that made Spiral Starecase so popular. They perform in concert venues and corporate events around the U.S. with the exciting 16-piece ensemble.

The Spiral Starecase also has a newly released CD "More Today Than Yesterday" on the Sony label, which includes some of their hits of the 60's such as "She's Ready", "Baby What I Mean" and "No One For Me To Turn To".