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Vadim Brunell

Vadim Brunell is a Flamenco & Classical Virtuoso Guitarist,  Composer, Arranger and Sound Engineer. Founder of Vadim Records.

Vadim is accomplished Music Producer who work's in many different styles, such as Classical, Ethno, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic and everything in between.

Vadim Brunell was born into a family of artists. His music career began when he decided  to start play the guitar at the age of 13. Vadim attended music school and studied classical guitar. At the age of 15 he discovered the art of Flamenco Guitar which became his passion. Since that Vadim began performing at competitions and was awarded many accolades. This was his entrance into the professional musical world and he began to perform with many accomplished artists on TV and Radio in his home town.

In 2002 Vadim moved to the United States from Europe and began to work with many US based artists. During this time he grew immensely not only as an preforming Artist but also as an Composer,Arranger and Sound Engineer. In 2003 and 2004 he recorded several albums and saw great results. In 2007 Vadim opened up his own record label called Vadim Records and finished his latest album Always In My Heart. This latest album displays Vadim’s many talents as a Virtuoso Guitarist, Composer and Record Producer.
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