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A little about iCandy, Inc.

The main goal for Nannette and her company is to create and execute a new form of entertainment that is long running, constantly changing and has a strong brand name - iCandy.

They provide all the goodies to include; merchandising, clubs, signature drinks, gorgeous costumed servers, chocolate fountains at each table with our amazing servers serving delicate fruits to our V.I.P. customers.

With over 27 Years in Entertainment and Four companies under her Belt, Nannette Barbera presents iCandy!

Nannette Barbera worked with over 25 different stars of stage and screen. The most amazing experience was working with over 30 animal actors from television and film! Directed by Dr. Antle, our show "Roar" is the "Adventure of a Lifetime" & is a one of a kind, simply awesome show!


                   iCandy - Ready to Perform for Your Customers!

iCandy is a sexy, sassy, high energy entertainment company that has more than 50 "ready to perform" shows for any casino, bar or entertainment venue. 

They have performed at venues around the U.S. & the world. Their most exotic locales include Africa, Russia, Japan & Mexico. Contact us today for more information on how we can improve your bottom line with our bottom lines!
Unique and Creative Entertainment that:

  • Brings in Customers
  • Provides Staying Power
  • Generates More Sales
  • Boosts Return Customers 
  • Increases Gaming Revenue
  • Lowers Production Cost

iCandy began 4 years ago with a new idea for entertainment! 

Their  new idea includes constant dance shows that are designed to increase bar sales, increase repeat customers and increase gaming revenue.   They provide shows that run every half-hour, starting at 6:00 pm and continuing through 2:00 am.  These shows are positioned in the middle of the casino on a custom built stage.  

The stage is designed in a horseshoe shape that connects bar patrons, bartenders, video poker patrons, table games and roulette patrons with their sexy dancers.  The synergy between the patrons and iCandy dancers creates a positive upbeat and fun atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of.  Patrons can't wait to see what those sassy, sexy and adorable iCandy dancers are wearing as they strut their stuff to some of the best contemporary music available today.  The difficult dance moves the iCandy dancers execute during their dance routines are the highlight of all our stage shows.  
There is so much show to see, that patrons come back over and over to watch the dancers pull new tricks out of their hats!  The schedule for each night is constantly rotating.  They rotate dance numbers, mini-themed shows, aerialists, go-go dancers and everything else under the sun to create a non-stop, high-energy night of entertainment.   

iCandy brings a fun, exciting edge onto the gaming floor and as a result, revenues in the areas surrounding iCandy performances have tripled since this concept was executed in 2005.  In 2009, iCandy will add many new things to their menu: iCandy Singers, iCandy Clothing Line, iCandy Ultra Lounge and "In Search of iCandy" (a television dance search competition).  We look forward to working with you to develop an entertainment package that will help you increase YOUR bottom line!

Providing a wide range of Quality Entertainment, they can:
  • Serve up a full "New Look" to any Casino Bar Area with Over 11 Mini Dance Shows Per Night 
  • Create an iCandy “Ultra Lounge” with Sigature Drinks, Custom Outfits & Clothing 
  • Provide a Sexy Fashion Show with a Dance Style Twist for the Happy Hour Crowd 
  • Make Available Over 50 - “Ready to Go” Show Productions for Booking, with Full Costumes
  • Design a Customized Show just for Your Venue
  • Make Available our Aerialists for that Special Entertainment Event
iCandy is the only Production Company in the Business to offer the Hottest New Ideas in Entertainment! 

Just some of our 50 Shows

  • Country and then Some - A hot sassy country show featuring hot new stars in country music.
  • Hot New Orleans Nights - A sultry jazzy mix of this blend direct from the street of New Orleans.
  • Perfect 10 - Starring 10 beautiful girls from all over the world as they strut their stuff, singing, dancing, aierelists, and much much more.
  • "Roar" The Adventure of a Lifetime, stars animal actors from televison and movies with great acts such as the African slap dancers, "Trazan, Jane and Boy Vine Act" and the rarest largest animal in the world the "Ligar" that is 12ft height and weights 900 lbs.
  • Dancin to the Hitz - The greatest hits of all times are recreated in a song and dance through the decades.
  • Motown - Look-a-like perfection at its best! Marva Scott stars in this non stop high energy salute to Motown with characterizations of Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Donna Summers are just a few of her talents, with 12 dancers.
  • Divas - This show features music from the greatest singers of all times, Cher, Madonna, Whitney Huston to name a few we have a rotating starheadliner that is host of the show and performs her own hit songs.
  • Exposed- This adult revue is "topless" at it best with unique and creative costuming. This show is a lighting and sculptured dance creation.
  • "Dancemania" - Hosted by a celebrity this show features 8 "DanceMania" dancers and celebrity judges as teams go head to head competing for cash and prizes.
  • Hitz Dances to the Movies - Past and present box office hits are recreated using sizzling dance numbers and outstanding singers!
  • Just for Kicks - Fun upbeat show that has allot of fun, creative dances and chorography.
  • "Pure Pleasure" The hottest male revue show in town, produced with sexy-sexy men that are not only a speciality act but also also dancers as well.
  • Girls of Rock-n-Roll - Rock and roll was never this good! The greatest rockin roll songs from the decades!
  • Hollywood Hits and Broadway Bits - A song and dance show saluting the greatest Broadway Hits of all times intertwining Hollywoods greatest musicals.
  • Cabana Nights- This show is a hot Latin music based song and dance show.  It features a Champion Latin dancer/magician with magic presented with a Latin and edgy flair to it.
  • iCandy Revue - The most beautiful talented dancers to grace a stage couple great music. Hot choroegraphy with edgy set pieces that are part of the intricate choreography like watching an MTV awards show.
  • "Barely Legal' - Semi-topless, this adult show features sultry and cutting edge choreography that is presented with a very sexual tone to the dance production.
  • "In Search of ICandy" This show is designed for television, but is going to launch as a stage show in 2009. Starring a celebrity host and 3 judges with the georgeous iCandy dancers. This show seachers for the 10 most beautiful women in the world that can sing dance and act, creating our own cast for the cameras. The dancers will win cash prizes and a half million dollars in contracts for a year.
  • Moulin Rouge - This show features Burlesque at its Best!
  • Vegas NIghts - Sin City comes alive in this gambling themed production.
  • Legendary Superstars - Sound-a-like and look-a-like impersonators make you feel like you are watching the "real" celebrity performer.
  • Salsations - Latin music and sexy Latin costuming stars 2 Latin world campion dance teams.
  • High Steppin - Hot fast paced dancing coupled with edgy created set pieces.
  • Erotique - Erotic production numbers are the focus for this sexy, sultry show, host and dancer in the show Playmate centerfold.
  • "Bells Bottoms & Fever" 70's and 80's are high lighted in this production with great colorful costuming and the greatest songs from this era Star/Host of the production.
  • 40's Street Beat - Features the greatest music from the 40's with special guest tappers from the vaudville times.
  • The Bond Girls - All the James Bond movies come alive with the greatest soundtracks from the movies and are recreated through song and dance.